I would like to thank you for the outstanding customer service you provided with the sale of my home in Vancouver this past August.
“YES”, seems like it’s your favourite word. Anything I asked help with you said, yes, and you went the extra mile; finding a carpenter to help me refresh my unit; a painter at the best value; helping me stage the condo and putting a blow up mattress in the bedroom for the pictures. I believe service is a dying part of customer service, but you showed me the exact opposite. You always went the extra mile, and did it with a smile. It’s because of all of your beautiful marketing and knowledge of the market, the unit sold in 48 hours, and over ask.
Thank you for being the BEST realtor.

From J.E.

We often find testimonials cliché and not always representative but felt one necessary with Eric as we value him, his insight and consider him an extension of our family. We’ve known and worked with Eric Coulombe for several years and in that time he has assisted our family with not only real-estate transactions but advice, support, follow up and clear understanding of our needs and wants. We have worked with numerous realtors over the years but I can honestly say, Eric is the only one we’ll use in the future. His wealth of knowledge, his incredible network of support, and his attention to detail is unparalleled. What separates Eric is his passion to do everything he can, both pre and post, to ensure his clients and their families are fully supported and their happiness is looked after.

Buying a property is an intimate and often very personal experience. Eric is someone we trust, who leads with integrity and honesty, who cares for your family and their well-being. Eric is an incredible listener ensuring all details are understood and someone who will do everything he can to ensure you have everything you need for your journey. His insight and understanding of market conditions, trends and forecasts is thorough and detailed. But it’s also the intangibles such as quality of life, impact to family and personal well-being that Eric stresses and focuses on to ensure we are prepared. All of these attributes set him apart from the rest.

Eric is positively unique. A great human being with a gigantic heart and undying willingness to help you and your family achieve happiness with whatever that looks like. We not only have found a Realtor for life, but life long friend as well. Eric, thank you for all you do for our family and making this process exceptionally easy. You are simply the best and we’re so fortunate for you and your continued support!

From Chris and Erika H.-D.

I feel very grateful to have received the expert support of Christine Hay in my recent real estate purchase.  Her approach with me, combined with her local knowledge made for a very positive experience.

Christine listened carefully to my search criteria, and never rushed the process.  She was very patient with me, and was an exceptional negotiator on my behalf.   Thanks to Christine, i’m settled in my new home!

From Sandy H.

Working with Eric and his Engel & Volkers team was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Throughout the process of selling our home Eric was extremely easy to work with and consistently provided excellent advice and guidance. We honestly can’t say enough good things about Eric and his team, who took such good care of our home, and really focused on getting the whole process right, not just the end result. Eric’s marketing plan for our rather unique property worked perfectly and all of the advertising and marketing materials were beautifully put together. The end result of all of Eric’s hard work was a quick sale for above asking, exceeding all expectations. Eric’s rugged good looks and charming demeanour are just icing on the cake 😉

“…..took such good care of our home, and really focused on getting the whole process right, not just the end result. Eric’s marketing plan for our rather unique property worked perfectly and …..”

From JJ and Julia A.

“Your service was great Christine, we were very happy with you!! I realize I’m definitely not the easiest client, and pretty much just a big stress case, but we really appreciated everything you did for us, and all your energy and enthusiasm. We recommend you to everyone we know.”

From L. K. & B. M.

Eric Coulombe has been our trusted realtor for over a decade. In fact he has become part of our family and a dear friend. He has completed 4 significant residential and investment property sales/purchases including excellent inter-city references for other transactions. Eric is very detail oriented and thoughtful regarding the whole process, asking appropriate questions about our needs and not just “going along” with our whims. I think we were probably his most challenging clients as our needs kept changing and he kept shifting to meet those needs without ever complaining, ignoring or firing us! We finally arrived in our dream home thanks to Eric’s skilful assessment in an aggressive bidding war that made our dream come true. To say we highly recommend using Eric Coulombe as your one-stop-lifetime realtor would not be saying enough.  

“…. not just “going along” with our whims. I think we were probably Eric’s most challenging clients as our needs kept changing and he kept shifting to meet those needs without ever complaining, ignoring or firing us! We finally arrived in our dream home…” 

From Byron S. and Monika M.

“Before I contacted Christine I found looking to buy a home for the first time to be a stressful and frustrating endeavour. The first time I walked into the office however, I was greeted with a warm welcome and my concerns were immediately addressed. Within the week I was looking at great houses with Christine, who went out of her way to make my experience enjoyable, exciting and completely stress-free, the way purchasing a home should be. I have recommended Christine to all my friends and family and intend to continue my relationship with them in any future sales and purchases. Thanks Christine!!”

From C. F.

Eric helped me buy a condo on Commercial Drive way back in 2004. In 2015 he helped me sell it. Eric’s professionalism and compassion was highlighted for me by the way he helped me negotiate with my existing tenants, who thought they might want to buy the place. When that didn’t work out, he went above and beyond to work with their needs (physical limitations that made changing the apartment while they still lived there very stressful for them) while we did the necessary remodelling. I wanted the best price for my apartment,but I also wanted to take care of my tenants, who had become friends. Eric’s approach was thoughtful, kind and professional. So much so that my tenants/friends joked about claiming him as family.

Once I finally took the place to market, we had pre-emptive offers before it was even formally listed (Eric had done a lot of pre-marketing through his network). After one weekend of showings, we had multiple competing offers. Eric guided me through making the best decision and going back and forth a few rounds between prospective buyers. In the end we sold for well over asking, so much so that the buyer had some trouble getting the appraisal approved (Eric worked that problem too, with a positive outcome). I also had some complicated steps to go through because I had moved to the US (bringing in all sorts of fun non-resident tax issues) and here he really stepped up to get me the right advice, chase down people when things looked like they might go suddenly south and finally getting everything resolved with a minimum of fuss.

But! It’s not just that Eric gets results, he is also unfailingly clear, honest and direct and clearly cares most about his clients being happy with their outcomes rather than his potential commission. He brings a strong sense of integrity to all of his interactions and impressed me with his knowledge at every turn. Working in the high stakes, fast moving real estate market in Vancouver could have been terrifying and stressful, with Eric it was a genuine pleasure. 

“…It’s not just that Eric gets results, he is also unfailingly clear, honest and direct and clearly cares most about his clients being happy with their outcomes rather than his potential commission. He brings…” 

From Laurie M.

“Amazing, Unbelievable, Outstanding……just a few words to describe the service provided by Christine Hay. From the moment I met Christine at a random open house, to the selling of my condo, to the moment I received my keys for my new home, the service and care she provided has been above and beyond! I cannot say enough great things about Christine! She is people-driven which is what sets her apart and makes her so successful—you definitely feel like family and not just another number to add to her stats! I have no hesitation in recommending Christine Hay to my friends and family and anyone else who will listen! When I am ready to sell and buy again, she will be the first one I call!!”

From Sandra L.

“We have used Eric for the purchase and sale of our homes over the past several years. On both occasions we have been extremely impressed by the level of professionalism, service and pride that has been represented. We were fortunate enough that on both occasions we were able to purchase and sell our home quickly, which is a true testament of the level of industry knowledge and service that was provided. Eric is a true professional and made the process of both purchasing and selling our home not only easy and painless, but enjoyable. We highly recommend Eric for any of your real estate agent needs”

From D.W

“Christine was enthusiastic and supportive from day one. Not only did she work hard to find the appropriate listings for us, but she did so in a timely fashion. With both of us being shift workers, she made appointments that fit our busy schedules. She cam e prepared to each viewing with information regarding recent sales in the area, allowing her to help us make an informed decision. She was pleasant but assertive when dealing with other agents making us feel like our best interest was always her primary concern! On closure of our sale we received a binder full of information for the new home as well as return address stickers with a picture of our new home…a simple but personal touch. However, perhaps the most thoughtful service was on moving day when Christine insisted on supplying lunch for our family and friends who were helping us move. We assured her this was not necessary, but she would not take no for an answer! We had decided on a BBQ at our new place, so what does Christine show up with…all the fixings for a BBQ right down to the sliced tomatoes! When we finally moved that last box in, we were so thankful that dinner was ready to go! (And so were our movers!) With such a hot real estate market in Vancouver, it was refreshing to receive such individual service. Thanks for everything!”

From Ian C. & Lori A.

“I wanted to thank you for the seamless transaction of purchasing my condominium…When I made the decision to purchase, you went the extra mile making sure everything was in place for me. It is hard to do a transaction from abroad and you took the fear of the unknown out of the equation. Your knowledge and expertise, with your reassuring voice made it easy as one, two, three. I would highly recommend you to anyone who was purchasing from far away or just next door. Your professionalism and expertise in the real estate market speaks volumes!”

From Terhesa H.

“We were both very impressed with Christine Hay. Certainly compared to our 2 experiences of buying in the UK it was a world away, although the systems I guess certainly give you different challenges so is perhaps unfair to compare. We felt Christine was very patient with us, new to the market as we were and with a tricky set of wants and wishes. Christine opened up our minds to some alternative areas of the city for sure, and that really helped our thought process towards a decision. Once the purchase had been agreed, the process with Christine was straightforward and always well explained. And all along the way there were some excellent personal touches which didn’t go unappreciated.”

From Jason & Helen B.