"Trust" is the currency of our profession, without a doubt.  Our ability to earn this is our greatest asset, and these testimonials mean more to us than any industry award EVER could...


L. Marczak, Eric's client

Eric helped me buy a condo on Commercial Drive way back in 2004. In 2015 he helped me sell it. Eric’s professionalism and compassion was highlighted for me by the way he helped me negotiate with my existing tenants, who thought they might want to buy the place. When that didn’t work out, he went above and beyond to work with their needs (physical limitations that made changing the apartment while they still lived there very stressful for them) while we did the necessary remodeling. I wanted the best price for my apartment,but I also wanted to take care of my tenants, who had become friends. Eric’s approach was thoughtful, kind and professional. So much so that my tenants/friends joked about claiming him as family.

Once I finally took the place to market, we had pre-emptive offers before it was even formally listed (Eric had done a lot of pre-marketing through his network). After one weekend of showings, we had multiple competing offers. Eric guided me through making the best decision and going back and forth a few rounds between prospective buyers. In the end we sold for well over asking, so much so that the buyer had some trouble getting the appraisal approved (Eric worked that problem too, with a positive outcome). I also had some complicated steps to go through because I had moved to the US (bringing in all sorts of fun non-resident tax issues) and here he really stepped up to get me the right advice, chase down people when things looked like they might go suddenly south and finally getting everything resolved with a minimum of fuss.

But! It’s not just that Eric gets results, he is also unfailingly clear, honest and direct and clearly cares most about his clients being happy with their outcomes rather than his potential commission. He brings a strong sense of integrity to all of his interactions and impressed me with his knowledge at every turn. Working in the high stakes, fast moving real estate market in Vancouver could have been terrifying and stressful, with Eric it was a genuine pleasure.

D.W. & L.N., Christine's clients

Christine Hay was our real estate agent and was instrumental in selling our townhouse and purchasing our new home. Christine was friendly, approachable, reliable, and most of all, honest throughout the whole process. She was able to market our property in a way that attracted prospective buyers and sold it in the first weekend!

Christine also guided us through the purchase process. She was very dedicated and used her experience and negotiation skills to get us our current home at below list price in this hot Vancouver real estate market.

Christine truly is a real estate professional. We would highly recommend Christine Hay to anyone who needs to sell their home or purchase a new one.

M. & D. McLeod, Eric's clients

Working with Eric has been remarkably easy. He is exceptional as a realtor; dedicated, ethical, experienced, and diligent. We appreciated his good advice and his excellent company in finding our home. Eric individualized the process for us, showing patience with our requests for information and sensitivity for our availability. He viewed many homes with us offering his knowledge and expertise which gave us a very high comfort level when making our final decision. Thank you very much for all your hard work and your excellent company Eric!

I.C. & L.A., Christine's clients

Christine was enthusiastic and supportive from day one. Not only did she work hard to find the appropriate listings for us, but she did so in a timely fashion. With both of us being shift workers, she made appointments that fit our busy schedules. She came prepared to each viewing with information regarding recent sales in the area, allowing her to help us make an informed decision. She was pleasant but assertive when dealing with other agents making us feel like our best interest was always her primary concern! On closure of our sale we received a binder full of information for the new home as well as return address stickers with a picture of our new home…a simple but personal touch. However, perhaps the most thoughtful service was on moving day when Christine insisted on supplying lunch for our family and friends who were helping us move. We assured her this was not necessary, but she would not take no for an answer! We had decided on a BBQ at our new place, so what does Christine show up with…all the fixings for a BBQ right down to the sliced tomatoes! When we finally moved that last box in, we were so thankful that dinner was ready to go! (And so were our movers!) With such a hot real estate market in Vancouver, it was refreshing to receive such individual service. Thanks for everything