'Interest-free' BC Government Home Partnership loan for first time home buyers

"FREE MONEY....???"... what's up with this BC Gov't loan to help first time homebuyers get their downpayment together...? Who's it for?
In our opinion, this is a great help for those with limited downpayment resources, but solid income and wanting to buy a first home that they are confident they will be stable in for at least 4-5 years. For those NOT in such a situation, but still attracted to the loan program for possible interest-saving, investment, or 'squeaking into the market' benefits, we suggest treading carefully and reading the fine print, including how and when the loan must be re-paid, and what happens if the property is sold before the loan is paid back.
The link below provides very comprehensive information on how to qualify, how it's paid back, etc.. But, for building a deeper interpretation of how it may or may not benefit YOUR unique situation, we suggest reaching out to one of us (here, via email, pick up the phone). It's what we do!